Party Cakes – *buttercream icing only

SizeServesPrice*with Chocolate Designs
6 inch round4 to 6$25$35
8 inch round8 to 12$30$45
9 inch round12 to 18$50$65
10 inch round15 to 20$60$80
12 inch round28 to 35$100$150
12x18 inch square (slab/sheet)35 to 45$140$175
12x18 inch square (double layer)70 to 90$280$300

-$35 per dozen

Character / Theme-Based Fondant Cake:
-$4.00 per serving

Tiered Cakes:
-$4.00 per serving - buttercream
-$5.00 per serving - fondant

Wedding Cakes:
-$4.00 per serving - buttercream
-$5.00 per serving - fondant

Cake Pops:
-$30 per batch

-Peanut Butter - $8.00 per dozen
-Gingersnap Cookies - $8.00 per dozen
-Peanut Butter Cup Cookies - 10.00 per dozen
-Huge Chocolate Chip Cookies - $10.00 per dozen
-Coconut Macaroons - $10.00 per dozen
-Cookie Pops - $15.00 per dozen
-Cookie Mix in a Jar - $10.00

-Cinnamon Rolls - $12.00 per dozen
-Cream Puff Nests - $12.00 per dozen

Other Treats:
-Peanut Butter Balls - $8.00 per dozen
-Dark Rum Balls - $8.00 per dozen
-Coconut Balls - $8.00 per dozen

-Apple or Blueberry Pie - $10.00
-Cheesecake - $15.00 - $18.00
-Mini Cheesecakes - $25.00 per dozen
-Mini Pies - $25.00 per dozen

-Large Banana Bread - $8.00
-Large Ginger Bread - $8.00
-Large Zucchini Bread - $8.00

-Seven Layer Squares- $10.00 per dozen
-Mars Bar Squares - $10.00 per dozen
-Brownies - $10.00 per dozen
* Squares as per request.

Muffins Sizes:
-Mini size muffins - $12 per dozen
-Regular size muffins - $15 per dozen
-Large size muffins - $18 per dozen
Muffin Types:
-Blueberry Muffins
-Zucchini Muffins
-Banana Muffins
-Whole Wheat Blackberry Muffins
-Oatmeal Muffins
-Pumpkin Muffins
-Coffee Chocolate Chip Muffins
* Muffins as per request.


Ali @ Fat to Fit said...

First follower! Your stuff is super cute! Wish you shipped cross country.

*Melissa* said...


Anonymous said...

Hi you just supplied my sister for a baby shower she held, My mom LOVED them, as well as the other guests. Hope you can help us out in June for my daughters Baptism! My sister will be in touch as we are over in Scotland

*Melissa* said...

I can't wait to make you a cake for your daughters Baptism in June! Have a great day!

Leisl said...

Your stuff is awesome! Good luck with your business!

*Melissa* said...

Thanks Leisl! xo

CarolineJarvis said...

Holy Crap those Sharks are AMAZING!! HIlarious!
So excited to learn!!
xoox Great job honey! They look amazing! And taste even better!

Curtis said...

Now we all know I'm not a big cake eater, But these are the funnest frosted foods ever! Those teddy bears look more huggable than inedible bears. Is it OK if I just Hug a cake? does that make me a degenerate? I think it might.

Smiley Face!

*Melissa* said...

Ha ha! It might get messy Curtis if you hug these bears! :)